No darkness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis then is the message

Which we have heard of him,

And declare unto you,

That God is light,

And in him is no darkness

At all.

The LORD went before them

By day

In a pillar of a cloud,

To lead them the way;

And by night

In a pillar of fire,

To give them light;

To go by day and night:

And the LORD

Spake unto Moses, saying,

Command the children of Israel,

That they bring unto thee

Pure oil olive beaten

For the light,

To cause the lamps

To burn continually.

Bless the LORD,

O my soul.

O LORD my God,

Thou art very great;

Thou art clothed

With honour and majesty.

Who coverest thyself

With light

As with a garment:

Who stretchest out the heavens

Like a curtain:

Ye are all

The children of light,

And the children

Of the day:

We are not of the night,

Nor of darkness.

Ye are a chosen generation,

A royal priesthood,

An holy nation,

A peculiar people;

That ye should shew forth

The praises of him

Who hath called you

Out of darkness

Into his marvellous light:

I John 1:5

Exodus 13:21

Leviticus 24:1,2

Psalm 104:1.2

I Thessalonians 5:5

I Peter 2:9

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