Be thankful for the blood of Jesus

THE BLOOD OF JESUS                                                                            

I Pet. 1:18- We are redeemed (liberated) by the 
blood of Jesus.
God wants us to know the blood is precious.
Eph. 1:7- The blood gives us forgiveness of
sin and redemption. 
Rev. 5:9- The blood redeems us to God.
CoI. 1:14- The blood gives redemption and 
forgiveness of sin. 
Eph. 2:13- The blood of Christ draws us nigh from 
far off.  It makes him our peace.
Acts 20:28- We are bought by the blood of Jesus. 
That's why the church is so precious to God.
Col. 1:20- We have peace through the blood of 
Rom. 5:9- We are justified (declared innocent) 
and saved from wrath by the blood of Jesus. 
Heb. 9:14- The power of the blood purges our 
conscience to serve the living God. 
I John 1:7- The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all
Rev. 1:5- Our sins are washed away by the blood.
Rev. 7:14- And our robes made white.

Apply the blood

Ex. 12:21-24-(Keep not the letter, but the spirit). 
We need to know how to apply the blood. 
Rom. 10:10- The key is in confession with the mouth 
It must always be the spirit with the blood. 
Don't do confessions with the carnal nature. 
Do it with the Holy Spirit's anointing.  Then the 
blood of Jesus is all powerful.
Rom. 3:25- We need to have faith in the blood of 
Jesus. Must believe it.
Heb. 9:14- How much more should the blood purge our 
conscience to serve the living God.  Done in the 
spirit of man to serve the Spirit God.
Heb. 9:19- Sprinkled everything naturally with 
blood and water (need both.)
Heb. 13:20,21- The blood of Jesus has the power to 
make us perfect.
Heb. 10:19- Get us into the Holy of Holies.
Rev. 12:11- And defeats Satan.  Praise the Lord!

-A man of God

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