The Eighth Day

THE EIGHTH DAY-Notes transcribed from a cassette tape years ago.    

Lev. 9:1-Eighth day (Aaron and son had been in the tabernacle for 7 days).
8=first day of a new week (resurrection.)
Something new is coming upon that which is old. 
God's anointing is on the eighth day.
Lev. 23:36--Feast of Tabernacles only.
Significance of the 3rd feast;
1. lived in booths
2. 8th day added to the 7th.
John 7:8, 37-39-go to the 3rd feast because Jesus went and 
he's my pattern. However, I went 1st and he came later.
Lev. 12;3-males were circumcised on 8th day (flesh.)
Col. 2:11,12-circumcised by putting off the flesh.
Phil. 3:3-we are the circumcision that;
a. worship God in Spirit
b. rejoice in Jesus
c. have no confidence in the flesh
Ex. 22:30-on 8th day, we are given to God (resurrection life.)
The animal came out from it's mother on the 8th day.
Lev, 14:10-20,23-31-leper picture of me as a sinner. 
The 8th day had a double anointing (blood and oil.)
This means that we'll be elevated to a position that's above 
what Adam ever dreamed of.
ear, thumb, toe--blood covering
ear, thumb, toe--Holy Spirit
Lev. 15:14,29-unclean. but cleaned on the 8th day (resurrected life.)
Num. 6:10-most solemn of all vows--consecrated on the 8th day.
Lev, 8:35-(priests have been in the Tabernacle for 7 days). 
The priests came out on the eighth day to call the congregation 
together and you shall not die.  
Heb. 13:10-we have an altar--whereby we obtain spiritual food.
John 6:54-58-our food is the blood of Jesus and his flesh.
We feast upon him and he will raise us up at the last day.
Heb. 10:19-22-we have access into the Holiest by the blood of Jesus,
John 4:24-we must worship him in spirit and in truth.
Pet. 2:5-ye are the house of God and an holy priesthood.
Pet. 2:9-we are chosen, a royal priesthood.
Heb.10:25-assemble together (scripture for priests.)
Rom. 12:1-priests presented their bodies.
Lev. 10:10-priests had discernment twixt holy and unholy.
2 Cor. 6:14-18-this is discerning.
Lev.10:11-priests can teach.
Le/. 9:13-the priests presented for the people a peace offering 
(peace that passes all understanding.)
Lev. 9; 23-they go in and come out as kings and priests.
(Also a picture of the order of Melchizedek).

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