The Eighth Day

Aaron and his sons had been in the tabernacle for 7 days to be 
consecrated (Leviticus 8).  On the eighth day, chapter 9, they made 
sacrifices for themselves and the people of Israel and the glory 
of the Lord appeared.  The number 8 represemts a new begining, 
a new week (resurrection).
Something new is coming upon that which is old. 
God's anointing is on the eighth day.
Lev. 23:34-36 Feast of Tabernacles only.
Significance of the 3rd feast;
1. lived in booths
2. 8th day added to the 7th.
John 7:8, 37-39-go to the third feast because Jesus went and 
he's my pattern. However, I go first and he comes later.
Lev. 12;3-males were circumcised on 8th day (flesh).
Col. 2:11,12-circumcised by putting off the flesh.
Phil. 3:3-we are the circumcision that;
a. worship God in Spirit
b. rejoice in Jesus
c. have no confidence in the flesh
Ex. 22:30-on 8th day, we are given to God (resurrection life).
The animal came out from it's mother on the 8th day.
Lev, 14:10-20,23-31-leper picture of me as a sinner. 
The 8th day had a double anointing (blood and oil).
This means that we'll be elevated to a position that's above 
what Adam ever dreamed of.
Ear, thumb, toe--blood covering
Ear, thumb, toe--Holy Spirit
Lev. 15:14,29-unclean. but cleased on the 8th day (resurrected life).
Num. 6:10-most solemn of all vows--consecrated on the 8th day.
Lev, 8:35-(priests have been in the Tabernacle for 7 days). 
The priests came out on the eighth day to call the congregation 
together and you shall not die.  
Heb. 13:10-we have an altar--whereby we obtain spiritual food.
John 6:54-58-our food is the blood of Jesus and his flesh.
We feast upon him and he will raise us up at the last day.
Heb. 10:19-22-we have access into the Holiest by the blood of Jesus,
John 4:24-we must worship him in spirit and in truth.
Pet. 2:5-ye are the house of God and an holy priesthood.
Pet. 2:9-we are chosen, a royal priesthood.
Heb.10:25-assemble together (scripture for priests).
Rom. 12:1-priests presented their bodies.
Lev. 10:10-priests had discernment of holy and unholy.
2 Cor. 6:14-18-this is discerning.
Lev.10:11-priests can teach.
Le/. 9:13-the priests presented for the people a peace offering 
(peace that passes all understanding).
Lev. 9; 23-they go in and come out as kings and priests.
(Also a picture of the order of Melchizedek).

See; The order of Melchisedec

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