The purpose of this blog is to glorify God and strengthen your faith.

Here is an index.


A new creature    Faith over fear    From faith to faith    I AM    It is done

Pray always    Predestined to Christ    Reasons to fast    Run with patience    

Teamwork    The good fight    The lost piece of silver

God’s rulership:

Jesus is Lord    Praise God the Father    The calling of God    The living God

The song of Moses and the Lamb

Spiritual warfare:

Be thankful for the blood of Jesus    Be thankful for the blood of Jesus- part 2

Christmas trees and crosses     Six areas    Spiritual warfare   

The armor of Satan    

The church:

A glorious church    Anointed to serve    Christ in the church    Chosen

One body in Christ    Set apart     The 42nd generation    The order of Melchisedec

The temple of God is holy    They shall be one flesh    True fellowship

The love of God:

Forgiveness     God is beautiful    God is love    God’s kingdom    

Seek perfect relationships    The compassion of God    The protection of God

The parables of  Jesus:

The sower    The wheat and the tares     Traditions   Many that are first

As the lightning,   A house divided     Understand this

Much forgiveness brings much love    He is a friend     The lowest room   

Two masters    The head of the corner      Born again    I am the true vine

The presence of God:

A well, a fountain, a river    Christ in us    Full of grace and truth

God is everywhere     God proves himself    God with us    Return to Paradise    

The faithfulness of God    The joy of the Lord    The kingdom of God    

The language of the angels    The living God    The Spirit, the word, the breath.  

 The tabernacle of God    The works of God

The sayings of Jesus:

These sayings of mine    The salt and the light    I came to fulfill

You have heard…But I say    The secret of the Lord    The Lord’s prayer    Fasting  

Faith    Judge not    The strait gate    Fear not    Ears to hear

The Pharisees    Hear him     Have you read    Peter’s question

They say and do not    Not one stone upon another   The sheep from the goats     

Lord of the sabbath    Why a sign?    John the Baptist

Fasting     The power of God    Teach us to pray   Beware

Let the children come to me    A poor widow    I will raise it up    

Nothing of himself    Feast of tabernacles    Continue in my word    

A corn of wheat    Love one another

The second coming preparation:

As in the days of Noah    Christ the firstfruits    

Perfect seed- Perfect fruit    Praise the Lord of the harvest

The eighth day    The eighth day- part two    Three times  

 THY kingdom come    What should have been shall be

The works of Jesus:

My Father’s business     God’s will    The power to forgive    He gave them power

Mighty works    Healing    Satan cast out    Faith    Submitted to God

Preaching    Heal on the Sabbath?    Sent the disciples    Fed thousands

Thy faith     Miracles     Answered a call for help    Virtue went out of him

Deliverer and healer    Spoke to lawyers and Pharisees    Foretold the future

In him was life    Rise and walk    Jesus wept    He loved to the end

I have lost none


A parallel    Another parallel    God’s direction    

God gives wisdom    Keywords    Lucifer is not Satan    Pray for wisdom  

 Seek to learn   The wisdom of God    We are spirit, soul, and body    

What about the wood?


Enter into his kingdom    Praise the Lord forever    Praise the Lord with joy

Praise the name of Jesus    Rejoice in the Lord Jesus    Stand in the holy place

The power of praise    The righteousness of God    Worship God